Online Marketing+

Online Marketing (Search engine marketing) has been trending upward for ten years. Starting slowly at first, the momentum shifted as many companies tried to get into the online marketing and search engine marketing sector. To create great marketing to the search engines and social media marketing, a company has to drill deep into it’s core and define it’s self and target customers. What are your products, services that you wish to be found for? What is your competition online? How do your customers use your website? Is your website informative and modern enough?

BigElm has put products like Motorola and companies like McShane Commercial Real Estate on the front pages of multiple search engines. Number one rankings mean business. No tricks, no 3rd-party voodoo or worse (there are tactics that work in the short-term, but ban your company in the long-run!). Honest, detailed techniques and methods certified by Google™ that will place you in the top page of listings where 70% of the business traffic comes from.

After all, if you are found, will it help to have a poor website? Is your information clear about products and services? Search engine marketing should involve your entire C-level management, sales, administration and the board members of your company. Customer service, project managers and fulfillment should all be in on the structuring of your company and product information.

A seasoned online marketing professional team, the Big Elm professionals offer a solution to get you started, put a plan in place and drive front-page search traffic into your business. Preparation and work within the business website, information brochures, images, search text and social media all tie together in a solid online marketing solution.

Once the effort is made to improve your online marketing, your company will benefit from gaining many listings for their company, locations, products and services – you will be found.

Contact us to talk about your online marketing – it will help your company a great deal. Call 630.235.2162 to set up a search marketing and online marketing measurement. One quick consultation can easily outline plan for your near future and for a sustained online marketing effort at your company.